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Testimonials from some of our Satisfied Customers

"In the fall of 2007 my wife and I purchased a new home that had been built by Matt Butler in a new subdivision, Bear Mountain Ridge as a model home for the developer. The home had never been lived in and was beyond the one year warranty period. After closing on the purchase of the home Matt came by and asked if we had anything that needed his attention. We mentioned that we had a very short punch list of items with some minor items on it. Matt, without hesitation, scheduled a time to come over with his workers and took care of all outstanding issues. He continued to check with us for months after our purchase to make certain we were happy and that everything in the home worked correctly.

We had planned on building a custom home in Blue Ridge because we are real sticklers for details and had not found any existing homes which had the attention to detail, creative use of plans and materials, and quality of construction that we wanted. The workmanship in the home that we purchased built by Matt Butler is outstanding. The rock work is pure art and the finish work and layout and design is deserving of Southern Living magazine. We would highly recommend Matt Butler as a contractor for a custom home in Blue Ridge.

If you are considering Matt as your contractor, please feel free to have Matt give you a tour of our home, so you can see first hand the quality and care Matt puts in his homes.

Jim and Annette Shaw
Alachua, Florida
Proud Owners of Canadian Fir Log Home

"Matt is a stand up builder who is honest, and will see that the job is done right. He will build a house that both he and the homeowner can be proud of, no regrets."

Donald Nettlow
Proud Owner of Canadian Cedar Log Home

"Lorraine and I were just discussing how happy we are in the home that you custom built for the previous owner. During our reflections, we obviously spoke of the man who designed and constructed our lovely home with the prow front which overlooks the north Georgia mountains. After deciding to purchase the property, we met with you to better understand some of the home's design features which were unfamiliar to us as former city dwellers. The outstanding quality of our home speaks for itself and is the source of endless laudatory comments from friends and family. As we concluded our initial meeting, you reassured us by stating that you would stand behind the design and construction of the home we came to love, despite having no legal responsibility to do so. Most important to us is the fact that you proved to be a man of your word; you have never let us down in the five years that we have known you. Whether, it has been a solution to a minor problem, or designing and constructing an addition at a very attractive price, we could always count on you to do it right. In conclusion, we can't forget the fact that when our friend in Florida, who had previously admired our home, learned from us that a cabin in the neighborhood was for sale, she became mildly interested. Upon viewing some photos and learning further that Matt Butler was the builder, she bought the cabin sight unseen! Matt, your unique abilities in your field have carried you a long way, but of equal, or greater importance is your reputation for total honesty in all of your endeavors It will be our pleasure to discuss our experience with any, and all of your clients who wish to consult us."

Arnold L. Person

"Matt is very detail oriented and always ensures that everything is done correctly. He is also creative and offers good suggestions in the design area and in the solution of unforeseen problems. The best compliment I can give is simply that if I ever build another house (and I probably will), I will call Matt."

Dave Penson
Proud Owner of Endless View

"M.C. BUTLER CONSTRUCTION is probably the only builder in North Georgia who could have built our house. We had another builder in mind, and met with Matt Butler as a courtesy to a business contact. We left the meeting feeling that we needed his team to build our "OUT OF THE BOX" house. He participated fully from the day he got our plans, and constantly contributed creative ideas that helped us achieve our design vision. Matt always seemed to be able to solve a problem without throwing money at it, and his ideas saved us money at all stages of the project. He absolutely will not build anything that is not done right. We finished the project completely convinced that Matt was the only builder in North Georgia who could have built our house. We were truly a team, and anyone who wants the highest quality construction and a builder who is a pleasure to work with should team up with Matt."

Randy and Carolyn Cole
Proud Owners of Mountain High Custom Home

"After enjoying rental cabins in beautiful Blue Ridge, GA for four years during our anniversary week, we began to dream in earnest about having a cabin of our own to enjoy more than once a year, that would eventually become our retirement home. During our last year's vacation, we were introduced to Matt Butler. What a blessing that has turned out to be. We discussed some ideas for the cabin we had in mind, took some measurements, and within days of our return home, Matt had emailed some concept drawings for our cabin. With our jobs and primary residence being 4 1/2 hours away, we had to do most of our planning and discussions via email. Matt understood our budget needs, and seemed to be able to sense exactly what we wanted. His attention to detail is unbelievable. When you live that far away from where the construction is happening, a trustworthy builder is a must have . Matt Butler is just that. His honesty and trustworthy character are his best marketing tools. He used highly motivated and skilled craftsmen to meet, and exceed, our expectations. The Lord has given us the dream of our heart and used Matt Butler to build it. If we ever have another building project anywhere, M.C. Butler Construction will be the builder we want to handle it."

Gary & Christie Cooper
Proud Owners of Coopers Cabin

"I wanted to share a little bit about my experience working with Matt and his team of craftsmen. One of the very first things I most appreciated was the kind, constructive way Matt helped me think through the project. The different ways we could accomplish the goals of my budget and the features of the basement I wanted. Matt was a constant source of reason and recommendation, but was always respectful of that clear line of who was the client and the buyer of the services he offered.

The second observation was the absolute mastery of his craftsmen. This was probably my favorite part of the project. I was able to observe these men so meticulously measure, examine and cut very complicated corners and edges to absolute perfection! And if it wasn’t, they smiled and started over in order to get the cut and fit just right. My standing half joke is that I believe my basement would hold water because they cut and fit it together so seamlessly.

The final, and most appreciated observation was, after careful management of the budget on both Matt and my part, I have a basement that simply leaves guests speechless for the moment or two they walk down the stairs of my home. It is as if you left the contemporary designed lake house I live in in Woodstock Georgia, and landed in the cabin, all snuggled away in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Matt built in my computer and audio/Video corner with pine slabs, he built me the most awesome set of "big, beefy bookshelves and fireplace mantle" for my growing library, and he went about it with an enthusiasm and excitement as if it were his own basement he were finishing.

Needless to say, I cannot say enough about Matt, and his team of craftsmen who literally transformed my basement into a beautiful, quiet place - on time and on budget

Andrew Mayfield
Basement Finish Project

"We were able to inspect the workmanship and quality of homes that Matt had already built and we were impressed and also had excellent references on Matt.

The key for us in building the home in Blue Ridge, Georgia was the fact we were living in Calgary, Alberta while the house was built so we had to have the situation where we completely trusted the builder since our inspections would occur months apart. Matt was able to work with us remotely all thru the process and have everything ready for us when we did show up to inspect and make selections.

We were completely satisfied with Matt's performance on the quality of our finished home and our trust in Matt. We certainly have had numerous compliments on our home as we have it in the vacation rental program until retirement and we take permanent posession of our home.

We are available for references and additional information.

Sam and Midge Marcum
Calgary, Alberta (Original hometowns of Knoxville TN and Wanda MN)
Proud Owners of Blue Horizon